Dilruba Erkan – English-Speaking Lawyer in Fethiye

Dilruba Erkan – English-Speaking Lawyer in Fethiye

Providing a personal, professional legal service

Dilruba Erkan – English-Speaking Lawyer in Fethiye


Dilruba Erkan was born in 1993 and undertook her high school education in İzmir Kiz Lisesi. After concluding her university education in Istanbul, Marmara University Faculty of Law, she completed her legal internship in Istanbul at Lawyer Salim Şen Law Office. Subsequently, she studied English in Dublin (Ireland), and established Dilruba Erkan Law Office in Fethiye (Muğla) in 2018. As a lawyer registered to the Muğla Bar Association, Dilruba provides consultancy and legal services to Turkish and foreign clients in Fethiye, Göcek, Seydikemer, Üzümlü and Antalya, Kaş and Kalkan regions. In addition, she is continuing with her graduate studies at Akdeniz University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Civil Law.

Fields of Activity

1. Real Estate Law

As the best real estate and expropriation lawyer in Fethiye, Dilruba Erkan provides consultancy and litigation services in relation to disputes arising from immovable property sales and real rights of immovables, including expropriation and confiscation cases without expropriation.

2. Family Law

As the best divorce and child custody lawyer in Fethiye, Dilruba Erkan provides consultancy and legal services in all types of disputes associated with family law, including child enforcement arrangements.

3. Inheritance Law

Legal and consultancy services relevant to inheritance law can be provided on issues such as wills and the termination of inheritance partnerships.

4. Immigration Law and Residential Permit

Legal and consultancy services can be provided relevant to immigration law. This includes advice on applications for long and short-term residence permits, marriages to foreign citizens, and acquiring Turkish citizenship through investment.

5. Criminal Law

As a criminal defence lawyer, services can be provided at every stage of investigation through to prosecution. Support can be offered at the prosecutor's office, at the police and gendarmerie stations, and at criminal hearings.

6. Debt Enforcement and Insolvency

Dilruba Erkan can provide legal and consultancy services relating to the execution of legal and penal actions against bad checks and promissory notes, the collection of receivables through forced execution and evictions from leased property.

7. Consumer Law

In the case of defective goods or services, consultancy and legal services can be provided to support cases in relation to the Consumer Arbitration Committee, Compulsory Mediation in Consumer Lawsuits, and the Consumer Courts.

8. KVKK - Protection of Personal Data

Legal and consultancy services can be provided regarding the protection and processing of personal data including sensitive personal data, and regulations relevant to legal texts that must be included on websites.