• Examination of the legal status of real estate within the land registry

  • Execution of all transactions in the land registry by proxy

  • Arrangement of Construction Contracts for Land (Land Share) Contracts in English and Turkish where there has been contradiction with these contracts to produce legal solutions and to carry out the litigation process

  • Arrangement of Lease Contracts in English and Turkish, obtaining an eviction commitment and executing lawsuits related to disputes arising from the rental relationship, including eviction of lessees

  • The processing of annotations such as the establishment of real and personal rights on immovable property and family residence on title deeds, providing legal solutions where there has been violation of these rights

  • Arrangement of preliminary contracts to sell and purchase contracts in Turkish and English and, in case of violation of the provisions of these contracts, the implementation of legal solutions and completion of the litigation process

  • The provision of representation and consultancy services for foreigners acquiring real estate