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Dilruba Erkan - English Speaking Lawyer in Fethiye

Attorney and Counselor at Law

  • Family Law
  • Inheritance Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Residential Permit
  • Criminal Law
  • Law of Enforcement and Bankruptcy
  • Consumer Law
  • KVKK - Protection of Personal Data
Dilruba Erkan


Dilruba Erkan was born in Izmir in 1993 and studied at the İzmir Kız Lisesi. After completing her university education at the Marmara University Faculty of Law in İstanbul, she did her legal internship at the Salim Şen Law Office in İstanbul. Subsequently, she studied English in Dublin/Ireland and founded the Dilruba Erkan Law Office in Fethiye/Muğla in 2018. As a lawyer currently registered in the Muğla Bar Association, she provides consultancy and counseling services to her Turkish and foreign clients in Fethiye, Seydikemer, Üzümlü and Antalya, Kaş, Kalkan.

Fields of Activity

Family Law

  • Execution of consensual divorce cases and regulation of protocols for these cases
  • Conducting legal processes regarding contentious divorce cases and claims for material and moral damages
  • Execution of Cost-Sharing Lawsuits Following Divorce
  • Carrying out alimony and custody cases and producing legal solutions for violation of court decisions related to them
  • Execution of Child Abduction Cases on an international scale
  • Declaration of legitimation, adoption and denial of paternity
  • Arrangement and supervision of asset contracts to be made between the parties to be married
  • Resolving disputes arising from the end of an engagement

Inheritance Law

  • Arrangement and cancellation of death-related savings related to the Inheritance Law, Inheritance Appointment Contract, Consideration to the will and similar inheritance law, and disputes arising from them
  • Inheritance Certificate and cancellation
  • Denial of Heritage, Disclaimer of Inheritance and Execution of Inheritance Lawsuits
  • Execution of the legal process with a Cancellation Case against collective inheritance transactions
  • Termination of the inheritance partnership through the suit of partition

Real Estate Law

  • Examining the legal status of real estate in the land registry
  • Execution of all transactions in the land registry by proxy
  • Arrangement of Construction Contracts for Land (Land Share) Contracts and in case of contradiction with these contracts, to produce legal solutions and to carry out the litigation process
  • Arrangement of Lease Contracts and execution of lawsuits related to disputes arising from these contracts
  • Solutions for the violation of these rights and legal remedies for the violation of real estate rights with real and personal rights facility on the land registry
  • Arrangement of preliminary contracts to sell, and purchase contracts in Turkish and English and in case of violation of the provisions of these contracts, to produce legal solutions and to carry out the litigation process
  • Providing representation and consultancy services for foreigners to acquire real estate

Immigration Law and Residential Permit

  • Resident permit applications and extension applications for foreigners who wish to live in Turkey
  • Following and finalizing citizenship application procedures for foreigners who want to acquire Turkish Citizenship
  • Giving legal advice and representation to foreigners mainly to purchase property, and related real estate law and inheritance law services
  • Making and finalizing the necessary applications in order to make foreign plates and driving licenses valid in Turkey

Criminal Law

  • Preparing petitions for filing a criminal complaint and filing applications with Prosecution Offices and following up on them
  • The delivery and follow-up of requests to the Magistrate Criminal Judge during the investigation stage and during the suspect's defense and detention process
  • Representation of the defendant or the complainant at the trial stages in the Criminal Courts of First Instance and the assize courts

Law of Enforcement and Bankruptcy

  • Initiation and follow-up of enforcement proceedings through General Foreclosure
  • Initiation and follow-up of enforcement proceedings by converting mortgage into money
  • Initiation and follow-up of enforcement proceedings through foreign exchange bonds
  • Execution of decisions
  • Taking precautionary lien and injunction decisions and conducting appeal cases against these decisions
  • Execution of the Cancellation of Appeal with the objection of the Payment Order
  • Attorneyship in Civil Law Courts (Eviction and Leased Property, Debt or Signature Appeal, etc.)
  • Attorneyship in Criminal Execution Courts (In case of Bad Checks, Violation Commitment, Alimony, etc.)
  • Execution of Negative Determination and Rescue Lawsuits
  • Execution of Intelligence Cases
  • Execution of Bankruptcy Law Enforcement and Bankruptcy Lawsuits and recording of bank receivables
  • Making, following up and finalizing concordat applications for commercial companies and arranging concordat agreements
  • Providing consultancy and counseling services regarding the execution of foreclosures
  • Participation in representative tenders and execution of Tender Termination cases
  • Execution of other lawsuits regarding enforcement and bankruptcy law as creditor or deputy debtor

Consumer Law

  • Conclusion of Consumer Contracts in accordance with current legislation
  • Unfair condition, defective goods or services, etc. In such cases, the application, follow-up and conclusion of the Consumer Arbitration Committee
  • Providing party attorney service during the compulsory mediation process in consumer disputes
  • Filing a lawsuit, following up and concluding the lawsuits at the Consumer and Commercial Courts

KVKK - Protection of Personal Data

  • Within the scope of KVKK, determining and analyzing the liabilities of companies, arranging inventory and making VERBİS records
  • Preparing and revising contracts that companies have to conclude with their customers and business partners within the scope of KVKK
  • Providing in-company awareness training to all relevant departments (Law, HR, IT, Marketing, Public Relations, etc.) within the Data Supervisor in order to comply with the liabilities within the scope of KVKK


Address: Akarca Mah., Mustafa Kemal Blv. No:153/3, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla

Phone: +90 507 472 84 48

Email: dilrubaerkan9493@gmail.com

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